Need an Accountant or prepared to Change your Accountant in a Good Cause?

This facility is aimed at aiding the establishment of a new accounting organisation by giving accountants an incentive to join up.

Citizens and businesses who employ an accountant, either as an employee or by contracting with a public practitioner, or have a need to do so are invited to consider switching to or otherwise employing an accountant who has joined this organisation.

It is submitted that this is a very effective way contributing to higher accounting standards.

While we welcome applications from accountants with marginal qualifications care will be taken not to allocate work to such accountants until good evaluation procedures are in place. People with genuine accounting may in fact be referred to accountants who are hostile to this promotion if a suitable accountant does not appear to be on the register of members.

Sadly we are not in a position to guarantee the work of any accountants allocated under this initiative and do not do so. Complaints are sought wherever dissatisfaction is encountered however.

Please submit an outline of your accounting needs and contact details on the form below.

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