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To view our conclusive evidence that the Feltex IPO was instigated by the major political parties to rob investors to finance cheating of Olympic medals click here We have revised our presentation of this evidence mid October 2014

May 2015 Edition

What’s happening with the Olympic medals scandal and efforts to rectify this most terrible situation. Well we are putting in an effort whenever we can, but we don’t know of much else. There is no doubt that this “loss” of an indirect investment in a Portuguese bank was a deliberate action initiated by a group of most senior of politicians and backed up by the political opposition.

We present herewith an open letter of complaint to the NZ Police. We will send them a direct copy but they do not receive complaints by electronic means so it might take a day or two for us to arrange it.

Here goes:

I wish to make a formal complaint of manslaughter or murder by senior New Zealand politicians and former politicians, of the 2003 era and subsequently, including Helen Clark and other high profile people particularly in the commerce world and all senior judiciary. The following deaths are involved.

Paul Philip Wilson, died at Wellington at Easter 2011 David Patrick Gaynor, died at Auckland in July 2011 Ian Smith, Wellington Coroner, died at Wellington in October 2014.

These men have died prematurely as the result of bold illegal action by the above politicians etc to raise money to bribe Olympic Games officials to allow cheating of New Zealand athletes so that they could “win” gold and silver medals at the Athens (2004) and perhaps subsequent summer Olympic games. The country has been near the top of the medals per capita lists at summer Olympics since that time. The scale of the illegal actions has been such that deaths could be expected to result and hence the actions are akin to murder. I expect that there has been more such deaths, perhaps many more.

Extensive assistance of members of the Australian Government and commercial world has been received in carrying out these actions. It is evident that the Australian Government has commenced such fundraising and Olympic cheating at an earlier time and has decided to assist NZ to do similar following NZ’s so-called “poor” showing at the Sydney Olympics in the year 2000. The appointment of corrupt officials is a major part of the scam. Some of these officials have been supplied from Australia.

The first Government backed robbery I am aware of was of public funds when the Accident Compensation Corporation “invested” in the company National Mail around the year 2000. It bought shares in this company for 0.5m from entrepreneur Cliff Cook a few days before the company announced it was going out of the mail business and the shares lost 95% of their value. ACC knew that a close associate of Mr Cook was on the National Mail board. Both parties to the transaction were represented by the multinational brokers Credit Suisse. It is clear that this was a put up job and ACC were asked or instructed to make this “purchase” by the Government. It was probably seen as a practice run. The vendor will have undertaken to apply most of his receipts in a certain manner or perhaps he never was paid the bulk of the transaction receipts, these being applied by the broker as the Government wished.

It is evident that this process has been applied in a gigantic scale in mid 2014 when the state corporation NZ Superannuation Fund has bought a $US200m deposit in a Portuguese bank just days before it was announced that the bank had gone in liquidation. The transaction was arranged by the multinational broker Goldman Sachs which has a poor ethics perception rating. The loss appears to be total at this stage but the Fund claims to be taking legal action over the matter which will tend to put off anyone inclined to investigate the matter. When the (potential) loss was announced in early 2015 it ”co-incidentally” corresponded with an announcement of irregular trading by the leading Kiwisaver provider Milford Asset Management, by NZX the countries stock exchange. The matter is purportedly being investigated by the Government appointed Financial Markets Authority but it is taking a long time over it. The Superannuation Fund has sacked Milford as a Investments Manager but has not I think said Milford had anything to do with the Portuguese debacle. Brian Gaynor was an initial director or “guardian” of the NZ Superannuation Fund about year 2003. He left it to help form and become a director of Milford Asset Management about a year later. It would seem that Government members had explained to him that as well as accumulating funds to assist with the funding of National Superannuation when the proportion of people receiving it peaked the Fund was to occasionally secretly provide funds for secret activities such as cheating Olympic Medals. Stealing from a public fund would be generally preferable to secretly stealing from private investors and not allowing them redress. Much or at least some of the funds that purportedly bought deposits in the defunct Portuguese bank are no doubt going to Olympic officials to buy the right to cheat medals in specified events at Rio de Janeiro. Brian Gaynor is a long time business columnist with the NZ Herald and has been a commentator on various NZ business matters for many or most news media outlets. It is now clear that he has been helping the Government with the supply of cheating funds and perhaps funds for still more sinister purposes from the 2003 era.

The first major financial cheating event which I am aware of is the May 2004 Initial Public Offer of the NZ company Feltex Carpets Ltd. This company had been and was presented as an NZ company although its major facilities were in Australia and it was becoming managed from there. It had bought the Australian plant of Shaw industries. With falling tariffs Shaw had no doubt decided that it was cheaper to supply the Australian carpet market via offshore manufacture. Feltex does not appear to have bought any of Shaw’s brands. It was consistently losing sales via lost market share at the rate of about 5% of sales per annum. The prospectus assumed that this sales loss would turn around to a 1% of sales per annum gain due to market share but there was no justification or evidence for this. There is evidence of a cash injection treated as sales at the end of Feltex’s (June) 2004 year. On page 39 of its prospect Feltex shows a graph of the Australian carpet market size for each of the years 1993 to 2003. Above the graph it says that between 1993 and 2003 the Australian carpet market size grew by an average of 1.7% per annum. Only the sizes of the two years 1993 and 2003 were used in making this calculation. Least squares regression analysis of each of the sizes of the 10 years 1994 to 2003 predicts the 2005 year to be 3% less than the 2003 year while Feltex have implied that it will be 3.4% greater and have assumed it would be 2% greater for its projections of its 2005 year results. The Government appointed Securities Commission merely observed (paragraph 63) that the growth rate adopted was said to be less that the average growth in sales for the past 10 years. No effort appears to have been made to verify this point. The Securities Commission quorum consisted of 4 women, two of them from Australia who returned there when their term ended.

That this Feltex IPO is a Government backed robbery to cheat Olympic medals can be deduced from the fact that “Sir” Eion Edgar was chair of one of the two lead brokers for the IPO, and was also chair of the Investment committee of the Accident Compensation Corporation, about the only NZ institution to “subscribe” to the IPO. It put in $9m. He was also chair of the NZ Olympic committee during that period. Joan Withers joined the Feltex board just days before the IPO as the only women director. She would be responsible for the massive take in of gullible “Mum and Dad” investors. She resigned from the board soon after the company posted a significant profit downgrade warning in early 2005 hence she has not done her best to look after the interests of the IPO subscribers. She is presently chair of Mighty River Power which sponsors the highly “successful” NZ rowing squad. She was also chair of Fairfax Media during a major purge of staff in that organization. Getting obedience from the two or three major newspaper groups would be a major plank in the Government policy. These links are sufficient given that the Government has protected the Feltex robbers from prosecution and successful liable actions. Also the country has a virtually unequalled successful summer Olympic record with considerable open financial help from the Government. The only similar records were by German and eastern European nations in the 1970s which are widely attributed to drugs cheating.

Paul Phillip Wilson’s mother is or was a long serving marketing manager of Feltex Carpets. It can be assumed that she had to be “converted” into going along with the IPO fraud. It would be against all her principles. The revenue forecasts would be her territory. Gestapo like tactics would no doubt have to be used to get her to see “reason”. Paul would be about 14 years old when this was going on. It is likely that he found his mother to be “around the bend” at this time of her convertion and being young and impressionable he also has gone that way, but permanently. He appears to have stayed in a sheltered situation at home in Auckland until he was 21 when he has moved to Wellington where he has been unable to cope. Within a week or so of going there the car he was riding in ran out of petrol so the group he was part of converted a nearby car and charged it up a hill where it ran into a bank and he was killed. It is quite clear that those who instigated the corrupt Feltex IPO are responsible for his death. They would know that the fraud would have far reaching adverse spin-off with those approaching adulthood being particularly vulnerable.

No report on the death of Paul Wilson has been released by the Coroner’s office. I have periodically informed the office of Paul’s connection with the Feltex IPO and evidence as to the fraudulent nature of the IPO, the likely repercussions of the IPO and their relevance to Paul’s death. I have offered to give such evidence to any enquiry. No coroner has communicated with me directly over this issue. The office would merely say that the coroners had received the messages. My last such communication after a break of almost a year was in mid October 2014. Getting the usual response I complained to the Judicial Conduct Commissioner about the two coroners who are said to work from the Wellington Office about their failure to report on this death. About a month after that I learned that the Wellington coroner Ian Smith, about whom I had complained had died about two days after my last communication with his office in mid October. He had been working until very close to the time of death I discovered. The Judicial Conduct Commissioner advised me that Mr Smith had been assigned the Paul Wilson case and had conducted hearings into the cause of Paul’s death. The case has now been assigned to a coroner outside Wellington to complete. I believe Mr Smith has received improper instructions as to how to investigate and report on this death which has understandably caused him great anxiety. This anxiety has increased as a result of my further submissions and enquiry as to why no report had been released and as a result he has died either of organ failure or secret or open self infliction. I do not know whether a coroner is to report on Mr Smith’s death. It is near certain that the instigators of the Feltex IPO have caused this death also.

Recent events involving the NZ Superannuation Fund and Milford Asset Management make it clear that Brian Gaynor has been assisting in Government backed robbing for secret purposes such as Olympic cheating since 2003. It is clear that his business reporting in the NZ Herald has been designed to ensure that this Government backed money grubbying (the reverse of laundering) is successful. To this end he has published a hard hitting article against high profile businessman Craig Norgate in an article entitled “Business Ethics a million miles away” in mid May 2010. Mr Norgate appears not to have reacted to this harsh if accurate criticism. He no doubt knew the criticism was coming and it was his job to bear it. While the effect of the article on the business and general communities may have been accurately calculated to do the job intended, it is near impossible to predict all the consequences for such a subtly designed article. The problem here is that despite such harsh criticism nobody of influence appears to have called for action to be taken against either Mr Norgate or Mr Gaynor. The pupils of year 12 of the business orientated Kings College would have a special reason to be interested in this article because Brian Gaynor’s son David and a daughter of Craig Norgate were numbered amongst them. They would have had a relatively less sophisticated approach to the article. Because Mr Norgate was not getting much other criticism their conclusion would be that Mr Gaynors article was unjustified and David would hear about it in no uncertain terms. 13 months later David has preplanned to take alcohol and illicit drugs prior to attending a function hosted by Craig Norgate which no doubt he felt obliged to attend. He drove himself to the function but did not take his date as had been arranged, confessing to be drunk. 3 or 4 hour later he was dead having taken his life. The then chief coroner did not mention the article of Brian Gaynor in his prompt report into the death. There was virtually no criticism of Brian Gaynor or Craig Norgate in the report.

The death of David Gaynor is obviously also the result of Government back stealing as outlined above. It is high time that arrests have been made over these deaths as well as the mass stealing from the public.

This complaints updates at least one other complaint I have made about some of these matters. I request acknowledgment.

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